The Stain

She threw the can of stain at the wall. I’m angrier than I’ve ever been at her. I’m leaving for a few hours to clear my head. I’m tired of [ … ]

When the shit hits the fence

I miss Montreal’s “franglais”. Everyone speaks their own language fully, and a bit of the other (only a few are truly bilingual). A francophone mate of mine (whose English is [ … ]

They’ll Let You Be Weak

Those who give us a hard time, who are difficult to be around or who constantly blow our cover are the very ones who show us where we’re stuck. ~ [ … ]

Marriage Equality in Australia

As you probably know, Australia was lagging behind countries like Canada (and early in 2017, Germany) when it came to gay marriage. It’s stupid. We had to do a plebiscite [ … ]

New Sunglasses

There have been many moments of raw feelings between my parents and me during my stay back in my teenaged bedroom at my parents’ home (while I transition back to [ … ]