Marriage Equality in Australia

Marriage Equality

As you probably know, Australia was lagging behind countries like Canada (and early in 2017, Germany) when it came to gay marriage. It’s stupid. We had to do a plebiscite to show that Australians REALLY, really, REALLY think this is a “thing whose time has come” before the govt did their job and wrote and passed a simple bloody bill.

At dinner one night during the plebiscite period, Dad asked if we’d done our postal vote on gay marriage. Mum said “Yes, ours have even been mailed back already”. I joked that I was going to open Dad’s and do it for him and he said “No you’re bloody not” and Mum said “It’s alright, I’m going to do yours for you. I go along with most things you think because I think you’re often right, but on this issue you’re dead wrong and you just have to listen to me. We’ve had this conversation too many times – people don’t choose to be gay, they just are. But that doesn’t affect their ability to love. And if they want the opportunity to be with someone for 46 years in an officially ratified relationship, they deserve to be as miserable as you and I are. And that’s enough about that.”

Dad said “Alright. But we’re not miserable”, and then he pinched her.

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